How much is the deposit?

To reserve a place on our Lapland tour, we require a deposit of GBP200 per person. You must pay in full for your trip no later than 56 days prior to departure.

What is included in the cost of the tour?

Return charter flights to Kuusamo Airport from Birmingham are included, as well as transfers, 4-star accommodation, meals, and high value activities. Arctic snow suits are provided for children 2+, gift from Santa for children aged between 2-11 years, and free snow sled which can be taken home afterwards. Each family will have a private meeting with Father Christmas.

Is Finland safe?

Whilst Finland is typically a very safe country, terrorist attacks cannot be ruled out. Please seek the foreign office advice before signing up for this trip to put your own mind at ease. It is recommended to follow the advice of our local guides and wear the Arctic equipment given to you at the time you check in to your hotel. Due to local weather conditions, the activity schedule may change for safety reasons.

Will we meet Father Christmas?

The real reason you’re here is of course to meet Father Christmas. All families will meet with Santa and receive a Christmas gift (two years plus). You will receive a hot blackcurrant juice, photo opportunities with him, gingerbread man and chocolates, as well as the chance to see Mrs Claus decorating cookies.

What will the temperature be like in Lapland?

Temperatures are likely to be colder than you have experienced before and can range anywhere from -5c to -25c, although temperatures have dropped lower in the past. It is recommended to check the weather forecast prior to departing, especially if you have infants under two years old as we do not provide Arctic suits for infants. Layers are a good idea, thermals, warm hat, gloves and socks will help keep you warm. Unmissable Lapland will loan an Arctic suit to all customers 2 years and older.

Is this trip suitable for infants?

Infants who are younger than two years at the time of travel, are permitted on our Lapland trip. The cost of an infant is GBP100 for the duration of the trip, and it is expected they sit on a parent lap on the plane. Unmissable Lapland provide suitable Arctic clothing for all customers age two and above. Therefore, when bringing an infant, it is important you consider the extreme weather conditions and bring suitable clothing for your infant. We do not provide clothing for infants.

Will people speak English?

All our local staff and elves speak English but if you are struggling at any time, please consult one of our staff on the ground who will be able to assist. You will be met at the airport and dropped back there afterwards, with most of your time in-between staffed by English speaking helpers.

What will food be like?

Breakfasts will typically begin with a simple buffet breakfast with hot and cold options, followed by a simple yet warming lunch provided of soup, bread, pastry and hot drink. Dinners will be more substantial dinner and cater for different preferences, including food that children are more likely to eat. It is likely that group meal times will be split due to the size of groups.

 Can we view the Northern Lights?

It is possible to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), although it is important to remember that this cannot be guaranteed, even if you take a dedicated Northern Lights optional activity. On a clear night, it is possible to see them from the hotel but typically, you have a better chance to view them away from artificial lights. If you are lucky enough to witness them, it is a truly remarkable experience.

Will I drive a snowmobile?

For the snowmobiling tour, all participants must sign a €1000.00 disclaimer against any damages. Snowmobiling tour will be with experienced guides. Children will sit on sleds pulled by the guides. All

drivers of snowmobiles must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to drive the snowmobiles.

Is this Lapland trip suitable for disabled or severely ill children?

We understand that it is a dream for many children and their families to visit Lapland and meet Father Christmas, irrespective of whether your child is disabled or severely ill. Please contact us and speak to one of our sales team to see how we can make this dream come true, and what preparations we need to put in place in place locally.

Will it be dark outside during the day?

Generally speaking, Lapland receives four – five hours of grey light a day, and typically between the hours of 10:00 and 15:00.  If the sky is clear, you may have brilliant blue skies and sharp crisp colours. Other times, the sky will appear as though it is night time although this very much depends on conditions at the time. The important thing is that there will be daylight hours and most places tend to be equipped with roaring fire places to warm you up when it’s cold and dark outside.

What are passport and health requirements?

For UK and Irish passport holders, a full 10-year passport is required to enter Finland (5-year passport for children). All other passport holders should contact the nearest Finnish Embassy. Information on obtaining a passport can be found at There are currently no recommended vaccinations required for Finland however, it is worth speaking to your doctor to satisfy this information for yourself.     

What is the currency in Finland?

The Euro is the currency used in Finland and whilst there is a cash point at Kuusamo airport, it is advised to arrive with Euro’s for ease. The way this tour has been priced up, you should not need much cash unless you would like to drink alcohol or purchase optional activities.

What is the smoking policy?

Unmissable Lapland operate a no smoking policy on our charter flights, coaches and in all hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, you will need to smoke outside.