Unmissable Lapland

• Return flights on 7th December from Birmingham to Kuusamo Airport
• Return transfers from Kuusamo airport to your hotel
• 3 nights’ accommodation at the Scandic Rukathovi or Hotel RukaVillage
(prices based on a minimum of four people sharing a superior room)
• Meals as per your itinerary (3 x breakfasts, 4 x lunches
(including two plane meals) and 3 x dinners)
• Thermal suits, boots & gloves for the duration of your trip
• Meet Father Christmas’s reindeer, huskies and lunch with the elves
• Snowmobiling adventure for all the family
• A special invitation to visit Father Christmas, Mrs. Christmas
and the elves at Lapland holiday hideaway
• Unmissable® tray sled to keep for all guests
• Special gift from Father Christmas for all children


Rudolph and his reindeer friends are almost as famous as Father Christmas himself. So, visiting them in their natural snowy habitat is a must in Lapland.

Learn interesting facts, ask questions, feed the reindeer and have your photo taken with them…before being transported on a magical reindeer ride through the woods. Your party will be split into smaller groups to allow the best access to the animals and activities. Duration approx. 2 hours (with lunch included).

Then get to know the fastest dogs on snow – the huskies. These high-speed hounds are been bred to pull sleds and act as taxis. After you‘ve been introduced to the Dogs themselves, you‘ll get to experience them in action… first hand! Your 2.5km husky sled safari takes you through the beauty and serenity of the forest – a fantastic experience for all ages.


You’ve seen snowmobiles flying through snow-covered landscapes, across frozen lakes, and venturing far into forested wilderness in James Bond films… and now’s your turn!

Our snowmobiling trip is an unforgettable family experience for the nature enthusiast or wannabe special agent…
Our experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you far into the dreamy surroundings of Lapland to enjoy its silence and tranquility, only 30 minutes from your Ruka base.

For the snowmobiling tour, all participants must sign a €1000.00 disclaimer against any damages. Snowmobiling tour will be with experienced guides. Children will sit on sleds pulled by the guides. All
drivers of snowmobiles must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to drive the snowmobiles.


The real reason we’re all here (you too, parents and grandparents!) of course, is to meet Father Christmas…

Well it just so happens that he’s taken a trip down from his secret home in the mountains to his holiday hideaway. And he’s keen to meet some special guests.

• Warm welcome, a hot blackcurrant juice and Plenty of tomfoolery from the elves
• Invitation inside from Father Christmas himself to hear all about his life in Lapland and for kids to receive their elf hats!
• Families welcomed into Father Christmas’ study one by one… bring your list as these individual meetings are an Unmissable® special!
• Opportunity for photos with Father Christmas
• Buffet with tea, coffee, glög (a traditional Finnish Christmas drink), kids’ drinks, gingerbread and chocolates
• Mrs. Christmas – she’ll be there to help with refreshments and to show you her specialty – decorating cookies
• Look around the post office – where Father Christmas sends and receives his summer mail. Send a postcard to your home
address for a great reminder of your magical holiday…
• Finnish lesson from Father Christmas as he teaches everyone how to sing a Christmas carol in his own language
• Gift presentation to children… as long as they’ve been good!
Duration approx. 2 hours


Included in your package is a free Unmissable tray sled so when you have free time, you can hit the snow.

After you’re done with the fun, it’s yours to take home for next winter.

We have planned this trip so that most of your time is arranged with exciting activities and family bonding fun. We have however, left just enough time that if you want to hit the snow as a family, away from the group.

This is your Christmas Lapland holiday after all.



The breathtaking Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are visible from September to late April on clear nights at latitudes close to, and above the Arctic Circle. 

On a clear night, there is a good chance you will see the night sky lit up with illuminated waves of coloured light, dancing and morphing through the blackness. You may get lucky and enjoy a sighting from your hotel, however you can also join and optional snowshoe hike or starlight snowmobile safari for a greater chance of seeing them away from artificial lighting. These activities should be booked and paid locally.

Your tour director will be able to organise these on your behalf and you will pay locally in cash. You’ll find the main activities listed below, along with guideline prices. It may not be possible to do all the activities listed.

Snowshoe hike to search for the Northern Lights (Max 90 persons). This activity is not recommended for children under 8 years old.
EUR 55 adult / EUR 35 child (8-11 years). Price includes VAT

Starlight snowmobile safari (Max 90 persons). EUR 60 adult driving
2 person/snowmobile / EUR 35 child (4-11 years). Price includes VAT